“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” ― Jack Kerouac

On the music front I have recently seen All Time Low (7/10) play at Venue in Vancouver and opening for them was a band called Yellowcard – who I have heard of before, but I have never really listened to their music. Needless to say, they were amazing! I’m going to give them a 9/10 for their performance. If you haven’t heard of them either, check out their stuff – http://yellowcardrock.com/

I also saw Benjamin Francis Leftwich (8/10) play at the Media club this week. I was only able to stay for a few songs because I had a 30 hour trip to San Francisco the next day zzz. I took the train from Seattle to Emeryville CA and then a bus over to San Francisco which is where I am blogging from right now – awesome!

Relating back to my previous post on books, San Francisco is actually one of the places where the author Jack Kerouac stayed for a while. There is an alley here named after him, and a book store and a pub nearby that he used to frequent. I checked it out today and have included some photos for you to see.
I’m off to Napa Valley in the morning for some wine tasting, so I best sign off.

And so I guess all of my posts lead up to why I “dug/digged” this article so much – http://blog.oup.com/2012/12/jack-kerouac-on-and-off-the-road-film-movie-beats-vsi/
On the Road is one of my favourite books of all time, so I will be interested to see how the movie turns out.
Jack Kerouac liked the word “dig” too, so I guess it’s kind of perfect…

Happy reading, writing and music listening!

JK AlleyVesuvio Cafe


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